Monday, December 5, 2011

On gift giving

Speaking of helping Mother Earth look her Sunday best, see that image down there on the previous post?  That's a temporary tattoo designed by Marc Johns.  Available here @ Tattly.  Dontcha think a monthly subscription to these truly stunning tattoos would make for a fun + memorable gift?  I wish more folks would remember that experiences trump stuff* when shifting into gift-giving mode during the holidays.  And all that crap we buy that comes in all that packaging and fancy, non-recyclable gift wrap?  Destined for landfill.  And all the pollution we create in the manufacturing of all that crap?  Sweet Valley High!  We can stop this.  In lieu of ye olde tradition of bestowing white elephants upon loved ones, consider giving theater tickets, museum memberships, donations in their name to organizations they support.  Or temporary tattoos. ;]  


*stuff won't make you happy, experiences will

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