Saturday, July 27, 2013

Because cute

I give you my most favoritest animal videos of all time. A straight ninja. A baby just tryin' to keep pace. A bringer of peace.

Though this one is animated, and doubtless deserving of its own post, it's possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen, and therefore included:

You may wish to bookmark this post for when you're having the worst day ever. Should these videos not pull you out of the depths of the doldrums, by all means throw one (or 2) of these in your honor.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

This is gonna be made, right?

You can't just tease us with a trailer for a live action Daria flick, College Humor, and then not turn it into a full-length feature film! You can't. The laws of physics (or something) will not allow.

When I first caught wind of this (thanks to BUST), I believed we were going to get a live action, full-length Daria tale. Oh, how I wanted to hear her commentary on class reunions! Alas, when I read the first sentence of the second paragraph, I learned 'tis but a cruel joke perpetrated by College Humor. (Imagine the range of emotions I experienced in those consecutive moments. From this to this and/or this.)

So then, my next thought was to google, "Daria kickstarter" because Veronica Mars. I don't know who is, but we have very similar takes on this whole sitch (possibly due to the fact that I also fit into the "not quite Gen X, not quite a Millenial" generation-label-gap):

  • Why would younger sister Quinn be organizing Daria's reunion? Maybe that's her full-time gig? Organizing reunions for all who attended Lawndale High. Or, I've also heard of joint reunions, so maybe Quinn is organizing one gathering for all who graduated from 2002-2005? But there was that banner behind the valedictorian as she addressed her former classmates...
  • Jane--a mom? Really?
  • I was waaaaaaaaay more into Brian Krakow too. Until he became a rapist on Felicity.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Miranda July is my religion

Though I wish I could claim to have participated in her original Joanie 4 Jackie video-tape-chain-letter project, I think I first became aware of Miranda July when I somehow stumbled upon Learning to Love You More circa 2004. I've followed her artist journey ever since, and am continually inspired by her immense imagination and empathy.

So, apologies for sharing the latest Miranda July project, We Think Alone, a wee bit late. But, better late than not at all, yeah? Read the About page to learn, well, about it. Nutshell: MJ has aggregated emails from 10 different folks on 20 different topics. You can sign up to receive said emails. If you're a curious (read: nosy/snoopy) person like I, you may wish to sign up. We're only 3 weeks in, so you'll still receive 17 emails (from the likes of Lena Dunham!) that address the weekly topic.

So far the topics have covered: money, advice, and Barack Obama.  One of the many things I dig about this project is where the idea can lead us unexpectedly. When I finished reading all the emails re: Obama, I wondered, Do I have any emails that mention Obama?...which led me to search my gmail archives. Which led to the rediscovery of this gem. A lil' somethin' I sent to commemorate a dear friend's day of birth.

And now, consider this gift yours. You're welcome.

Friday, July 19, 2013

How do I work this thing?

I totally forget how this thing works. Do I capitalize every letter in a post title? Or treat it like a sentence? Grammar vs. style. The ultimate showdown. In my mind, at least. I choose style. Yeah. So.

I finally started watching Adventure Time after admiring its aesthetic for a few years. (Remember this?! Ah!) All this time, I had no idea that Jake the Stretchy Dog is a kindred.

p.s. I usually don't include images unless I can give proper credit. Unfortunately a Google Images search didn't help me find the original source. Fucking tumblr culture. If you happen to know which AT fan created this, please let me know!