Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Which brings me to my next post, re: Fear and two more awesome quotes

a book on magic

Quote 1: "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." - Pablo Picasso

Oh, that Pablo.  So brilliant, so prolific.  Such understatements.  But I digress.  And I do apologize for the fact that these first nine posts probably feel like a collection of digressions.*  Here's the thing.  I've wanted to create my own blog for years (nay a decade!), but something unseen, yet almost tangible, has held me back.  That something?  In a word?  Fear.  Fear of not being good enough.  Fear of cluttering the unsuspecting cyber-world with worthless drivel.  Fear of having nothing to say, nothing to write about, nothing to contribute.  Fear of confirming what I feared.  So, I didn't; I haven't.  It was a vicious cycle, you see.  After all these years, I get what Pablo's saying.  Yes, Sarah, it's true: you have not written any crap—because you have not written anything at all.  Alas.  The gist of Pablo's quote?  One cannot create inspired art if one is not creating anything at all.

Which brings me to the second Quote of the Day, and why I finally decided to just start posting, even without a clear theme for this blog.

Quote 2: "It doesn't matter how big it is; it doesn't matter how fuckin' good it is.  If you're putting it out . . . it's worth something." - Hannah Dancing**

Hannah's talking about creating, and she's right.  I'm finished feeling this fear, and I'm tired of not writing about the things I care about.  Whether the result is "good" or not.  So, bear with me as the origins of this project seem to meander a tad.  This blog will not focus solely on crafting or fashion or yummy recipes or my cats (ha! You wish!).  I may choose to write about all of the above or none of the above.  Regardless, just because I don't have a theme, doesn't mean I don't have a purpose.  Prepare to read about the things I care about!  Prepare for joy, art, and hope!  :]

a sketch inspired by Harlem

What would you work on right now if Fear was not an obstacle?

* a "collection of digressions" actually sounds like the muse for a cool art installation.
** Hannah Dancing is a talented + all-around cool person, who is darn creative.

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