Monday, January 30, 2012

I have something I want to give to you.

(Well, one of you, at least.)

You've seen this, no?  Marcel the Shell With Shoes On?  And the sequel?

My favorite quotes from the most witty and charming invertebrate ever:
  • "Guess why I smile a lot.  Uh, cuz it's worth it."  Marcel, my little shelled friend, I wish everyone had your attitude.
  • "... I also have shoes and, um, a face.  So, I like that about myself, and I like myself, and I have a lot of other great qualities as well."  Indeed!  
  • "Sometimes people say that my head is too big for my body.  And then I say, 'Compared to what?'!"  When I was your age, I wish I had enough aplomb to improvise such a brilliant comeback.  

Beyond introducing you to Marcel the Shell (or reminding you of his magnificence), I actually do have a tangible gift for one of you.  Yep, this is We hope for more's very first giveaway!  A little thank you, from me to you.  I will send one lucky reader a copy of Marcel the Shell With Shoes On: Things About Me—Marcel's very first book!

Drawing Details:
  1. To enter, watch either (or both) of Marcel's videos, and leave a comment below that states your favorite quote and why it's your fave or why it made you laugh or what it reminds you of, etc. etc.
  2. Leave your comment by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, February 2, 2012. 
  3. I will most likely allow my cat, Cleo, to select the winner.  (Or just pull names out of a hat.  WWMD?  [What Would Marcel Do?])
  4. I will announce the winner this Friday, February 3! 

Good night and good luck!


  1. Love Marcel!

    My fave part--when Marcel gets on the phone, "hello, it's me." Because obviously it couldn't be anybody else! Cute!

  2. Alright cuz, you REALLY know the path to my heart--cozy knitted things, sparkly butt cookies and MARCEL! He is my favorite little one-eyed creature in the whole wide world! My only regret about not teaching anymore you might ask? --Not being able to show Marcel to my 2nd/3rd graders and having them think of their own little creature and the world in which they live...Goodness I know they would come up with some wackily fabulous stories!!

    Ah. Well, I have to ditto all your said favorite quotes. I love the "I smile a lot quote" so much too because it's so subtle, you almost miss it at the end...He definitely is one of the most well-adjusted and wise one-eyed shells I know!

    I really love, "You know. You really need to be a flexible person when your car is a bug." What an image of poor Marcel trying to go somewhere and always ending up back at the maple syrup spill!

    Oh, Marcel!!

    Well best of luck to you and Cleo as you have your numero uno raffle! You're too cute--what a sweet way to reward your readers!

    P.S. Matt, Mel & I watched Marcel repeatedly in bed at Christmas. Marcel and pea pods go hand-in-hand in my book!

    1. Sorry Smokey didn't select your name, Meliss (Cleo was completely indifferent to the little folded papers—even after submerging them in a bag of catnip). And I must say, using Marcel's book + video's to inspire 2nd/3rd graders to create their own little creature + world is brilliant! Perfect. Thanks again, for being a "We hope for more" regular, though!

      p.s. Totally!

  3. "Sometimes people say my head is too big for my body ... and then, I say, 'compared to WHAT!'"

    I love that Marcel is self-aware enough to know that there are no other shell-people-thingies (as far as I know), and that commenting on the relation of his head size to his body size has no basis from which to be made.

    1. I love how you never cease to examine the world through logical analysis. ;)