Monday, January 23, 2012

Touring The City: San Francisco

Thanks for Touring Castro Valley with me last week, y'all.  Did you join in the fun, too?  Did you revisit some of the sparkly parts of your current locale?  

As previously noted, I grew up, and currently live, about twenty minutes from the bridge that connects the East Bay to San Francisco.  And I'd like to rectify the fact that there are many spots in what we Bay Areans call The City, that I've yet to visit.  Weather permitting, I'm gonna get out there this week, and show you some (hopefully) sweet spots of The City by the Bay!

And since we're talking about San Francisco and second-hand shopping, I think I'll throw some feelers out there.  To you, my people.

As you may or may not know, there was a football game yesterday.  Okay, there were two, actually.  But I only cared about one of them.  My beloved 49ers played the New York Giants to determine which team would represent the National Football Conference in the Super Bowl.  To many of you, this may mean nothing.  To me, it meant a great deal. 

Do you have a favorite season?  And do you have markers that signal said season is nigh?  E.g. you love winter, and the first dust of snow signals it's a comin'!  Or you love spring, and blooming daffodils make you think, "Spring is so close!"  Or summer's your thing, and you hear the Doppler effected Ice Cream Truck song floating closer and closer, and you feel all giddy inside?  That's how I feel about autumn.  And when NFL season kicks off (pun intended) in September.  Leaves changing color and swirling to meet the ground via mini cyclones; crunching those fallen leaves; crisp and gooey caramel apples, the ubiquitous pumpkin spice latte; watching 49ers games on Sundays.  That's autumn to me.  And autumn is my favorite.

I've never really pondered why 49ers games mean so much to me.  Beyond the fact that I love to watch grown men run and cut and pivot and slant and dig in and push and spin and jump and did I mention run?  And I don't want to get too deep here, but I think it's fair to say 9ers games remind me of a time when I was reconnecting with my dad.  During this time, I must have felt happy, because when I hear the first six notes of this theme, I am flooded with nostalgic feelings of goodness.

Although yesterday's game did not end how I would've liked, I'd still like to thank the 2011 49ers for making it fun to be a 9ers fan again.  The past eight or so years have been painful, and had you told me, back in September, that this team would win more than six games, I would've squinted my eyes, smiled really big-like, and laughed heartily at your folly.  And had you told me they'd play the Giants in the NFC Championship game?  I would have been genuinely frightened for your well being.  How can I complain about the final outcome of the season, when this team provided so much more than expected?  Paramount among their provisions—rekindling my hope.    

Wow, can I digress like a champ.  Remember when I was going to tie this last bit into second-hand shopping five paragraphs ago?  Ahem.  

I have been on the hunt for a vintage 49ers sweater like the two pictured above.  Preferably white with red lettering, and preferably not 3XL.  As you conduct your thrifting, my dears, please keep an eye out on my behalf.  Gimme a holler if you strike gold. 

(Get it?  Anyone?  Bueller?)  

Image 1 and Image 2


  1. I'll be on the lookout!! Probably less likely to show up in SLO than up there, but one never knows what one will find!

  2. I bet 49er paraphernalia isn't in too high of demand up here in Oregon. I'll definitely keep you in mind as I begin my Eugene thrifting. I'm also looking for one of those shiny, gold snap-up jackets for my bro so I've got my work cut out for me. I think gramps might have had one back in the day...well, good luck!! Oh, and so sorry to hear about the epic fumble. Tragedy. :(

  3. Thanks, ladies! You'd be surprised! I've been stalking these sweaters on eBay + Etsy for quite a while, and they are all over. I sampled the first 4 on my "Watch List" and these sweaters hail from: Medford, Oregon; Middletown, California; Park City, Utah; and Nebraska. Go figure!

    Meliss, you know they're called Starter jackets? Here's a rare cheap example on eBay. They can be pricey. I think Gramps did have one . . .