Friday, January 13, 2012

Town + City Survey: Madison

not a badger riding a plastic pony

Happy Friday, friends!  For today's final installment of the Town + City Survey, we come full circle from where we started—with the other Rose Bowl participant.  The Badgers of Madison, Wisconsin.  I have visited Madison, twice actually, but both visits were many moons ago, and all I remember are fried cheese curds and beer and snow.   Were my more mature self to relocate to Mad City, I think I would partake in (and be proud of*) the following.

  • Cheese Farm Tours.  I clicked on the “view map of cheese factories” link, and I saw sparkles when clusters of little, inverted, red raindrops appeared, denoting countless cheesy tour opportunities.   
  • The Isthmus Beer & Cheese Fest provides two of my favorite things in one stop.  And from cheese to beer + cheese to just beer: The Great Taste of the Midwest offers about 500 beers to sample.
  • Numerous options for fresh and local food—one being, Willy Street Co-op, a full-service grocery cooperative specializing in natural, organic and locally produced foods.  And the Dane County Farmers' Market seems pretty epic.  Apparently, it's the largest producer-only farmers’ market in the country.  Open year-round, rain (snow) or shine.
  • I'd make a weekend getaway to Green Bay in order to see the Packers play at Lambeau.  I dig the fact that they are owned by their fans.  
  • La Fête de Marquette is a free event, featuring New Orleans, Cajun and Zydeco music, with acts from French-speaking areas all over the world: Quebec, New Orleans, Haiti, to name a few.  French food and beer too!
  • Now, I know I might lose a lot of you with my final two choices, but I simply must see the Dead Pals of Sam SanfillippoTaxidermied exhibits of wonder. 
  • And, as if Sam's Dead Pals weren't enough, did you know *the official bird of Madison, Wisconsin is the plastic pink flamingo?  Perfect.

Totally mature, right?  And, you, friends?
What do you dig about Madison?

 Dead Pal image source


  1. One of my classmates lived in Madison for a while and it's her favorite place. She's from Egypt, but she's lived in the Philippines, Atlanta, Madison, and now Dublin, so she's traveled a lot. She says the people are so nice, and you get used to the snow, but I don't think I could ever get used to the snow

  2. Not sure if I could ever get used to the snow, either. Total weather wimp; forever California girl.

    My friend who lives in Madison loves it, too. Even when her dog's "poopsicles" defrost in the spring! ;]