Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Town + City Survey: Seattle

SPL, Green Lake + the incredible sideways-growing tulips

Keepin' the investigation in the Pacific Northwest, let's look at Seattle, Washington.  Ben and I visited Seattle in 2009, and we were pretty smitten with The Emerald City.  In preparation for our trip, I made this map of places to check out.  In just four days, we managed to squeeze in:

I really wish we'd also dined at The Pink Door (tarot, trapeze, and jazz—oh my!), seen fields of tulips in bloom, and visited the other museums on my map.  Guess I'll have to return to Seattle one day!  :]
EMP Museum + Space Needle

I ask you, now.  Have you ever visited (or lived in) Seattle?  What were your favorite haunts?

*Both the Central library branch and the EMP buildings are examples of exceptionally cool modern architecture!  Sigh.  Seattle, I adore you.


  1. I love Seattle, although I love Portland a teeny bit better. That said, I didn't go see dueling pianos when I was in Seattle and, since dueling pianos are my fave thing ever, I might have to reconsider.