Wednesday, February 8, 2012

All of a sudden, I really want to take a cruise

I already confessed my love for Richard Scarry.  Though I really could say scads more on that matter.  And you may have noticed (though I didn't really mention) my huge crush on Mary Blair's art (see photo collage for # 1).  In fact, when I was checking out some of Mary Blair's work, I learned about Aurelius Battaglia, the artist behind the delightful illustration above.  I'll have to investigate some more, but it seems Battaglia's creations have similar qualities to what I love in Scarry and Blair's work: fantastic color, whimsical scenes, and straight-up charm.  Doesn't that scene make you want to hop from port to port on a fancy cruise liner?  Or at least acquire a jaunty hat?    

I love discovering new art to get all giddy about.
Who are some of your favorite artists? 

Cruise Ship image source
Sextet image source


  1. Melissa (your cousin) gave me your blog site! Love the posts so far!

    Favorite artist... I have to pick one?! How about one per category?
    Photography - Annie Leibovitz
    Painting - Laura Warburton (current favorite - this changes often)
    Architecture - Frank Lloyd Wright
    Food - Julia Child (yes, that counts)

    1. Hi Elena! Thanks so much for reading + saying hi!

      No, no, no - of course we don't have to pick just one favorite artist! How could we? :)

      I've never seen Laura Warburton's work . . . I'll have to check her out. Thanks for the recommendation.