Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February is my favorite

It's true.  I hear countless (non-Californian) folks lamenting the oft-maligned second month of the year.  Mostly due to weather issues, I suppose.  But they shall never convince me that February is anything but perfect.

Reasons February is the best:
  • it only has 28 days in a common year, making it unique
  • every four years, we get a quirky 29th "leap" day!
  • there were always two 3-day weekends from school thanks to Lincoln's birthday and Presidents' Day
  • Valentine's Day!
  • my birthday!

See?  So much to celebrate.  To quote myself, I like to use my birthday as an opportunity to spread cheer, both to friends and strangers—it has become an annual ritual of sorts.  In 2010, I invited friends to help me beautify my neighborhood by yarning up some hearts on a chain link fence.  (You can read more about the beautifying mission/see more photos over on This Confetti Life.)  It was one of my most favorite days ever.  I highly recommend it, should you notice a fence in your neighborhood that is seriously lacking in hearts.  ;)

 Happy February to you!

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