Friday, March 16, 2012

Customize your Notes-to-Self

Today I turned a blank Moleskine into a customized spot (pun intended) to record my notes-to-self.  If you'd like to do something similar, all you need to gather is

  • a blank notebook
  • various papers (I used what I already had on hand: origami paper, a postcard, and a TOMS catalog that came in the mail yesterday.  But think of the possibilities!  Gloriously colored junk mail, favorite photographs, index cards, graph paper, wrapping paper scraps, etc. etc. etc.!)
  • a 1" diameter circle punch (similar to this guy)
  • glue

I simply punched out some circles of the colors and patterns I fancied, arranged them around the cover until I had a layout I liked, then glued the little dots in place.  My only suggestion to help you make a less janky version is to use a paint brush when applying the glue.  Distributing a smooth and even layer of glue might help eliminate some of the bumpiness I saw under some of the thinner papers (I'm looking at you, origami paper!).  If you don't have a circle punch on hand, you can use something circular, like a can of tomato paste or a quarter, and trace it with a pencil, then cut it out with scissors.  I think different-sized circles would be très cute, too.  Or abandon the circle idea altogether, and cut out star shapes or triangles or hearts.  Or create whatever kind of collage you like.  Endless, the possibilities are!

A tiny little notebook is perfect for carrying around with you at all times.  You never know when you'll need to record a magical moment (e.g. when you discover a fantastic mural in your otherwise sleepy hometown, splash about in some puddles with your fancy rain boots, or create the perfectly cheerful playlist).  I write in mine at the end of each day, and challenge myself to list all of the wonderful things I observed, created, or felt during the past 24 hours.  By simply knowing that I expect this of myself each evening, I am more aware of noticing the goodness as its happening each day.  

Or you could use a little notebook like this to keep a running list of all the things you'd like to createHere's a list of ideas to get you started, if you're drawing a blank.  ;)

Happy weekend, everyone!   

p.s. (Blurry) bonus photo of Cleo's photobomb attempt.


  1. what a cool and awesome idea u had =) I'll do that with my agenda too!! thanks for sharing =)

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Elle! I'm sure you turned your agenda cute!

      I think personalized notebooks would make nice gifts, too.

  2. Very pretty! I am so doing this. Also, Hello Cleo. I am newly obsessed with cats, since adopting out little Stella Grace.

    1. Stellaaaaaaaaaa! :D

      p.s. Thanks, Aims.

  3. There were definitely a few bellows of Stellaaaaaaa!!! in the wee hours her first night. I suppose I had some inkling to the nocturnal nature of cats, but certainly not to the degree of her hanging off Lila's shutters at 3am.

    1. hahahaa! Over the past 9 years (wow - I can't believe I've had Smokey that long!), I've grown to not only surrender to such bizarre cat behavior, but actually find it laugh-out-loud funny. Of course, 'tis a different story when the "fun" occurs at 3am. ;)

      Hope Stella's settling down + adapting to Casa Plummer smoothly!