Saturday, March 31, 2012

Get in [Rain] Gear

Score one for the stormtrackers.  It's a-rainin' out there today!  When I must venture outside into a rainstorm, I love bundling up and gathering my waterproof gear.  Cheerful and cheeky rain gear helps brighten the mood, providing welcome color and smiles in a gray situation.  Some favorites:

  1. I like the clear umbrella for its simplicity and versatility—it won't clash with any outfit.  Plus, it allows you to go a little crazier with your boot and/or coat selection. 
  2. Polka dots are classic, as is red.  
  3. I actually own this rainbow umbrella (had to purchase it to safely confront the rainstorm that trapped me in New York City's MOMA).  
  4. Love the "goggles" that let you see out of the deep dome of this adorable yellow umbrella
  1. How cute is this NYC subway poncho?  I wish it were printed with other city maps as well.
  2. I think I need to purchase this anorak, pronto.  I have cute boots and umbrellas, but no rain coat.  Speaking of boots . . .

For Your Feet
  1. Hunters are the quintessential wellies, and I'm a fan of the short version.  In pink.
  2. Again, you cannot go wrong with polka dots.  I would love to splash some puddles with Chooka's Posh Dots in mimosa
  3. Believe it or not, these floral cuties are from Target! 

Treat for your ears 

Ok, these earrings will not assist in keeping you dry.  At all.  But, I couldn't resist including one last bit of rain-inspired adornments.  
  1. I adore asymmetrical earrings.   
  2. I just want to spin these red and white umbrellas like I'm Gene Kelly and their main purpose in this world is to serve as my dancing prop.

p.s. If only someone would invent something to protect that area between where the coat ends and the boots begin . . . curse you, sideways rain!     


  1. I hate my internet connection! Your photos rarely load for me :( And I need new rain boots...mine had so many holes in them.

    1. Blerg! You can at least follow the links, though, right?

      You must've donned your boots an awful lot to wear holes in them, Amira!