Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rain Gallery

It's not a secret that I am a fan of rain.  Yesterday was a non-stop bucket fest, and it got me daydreaming about creating a cozy space.  In my next home, I plan to dedicate a wall to art that celebrates the wettest of weathers.  Please join me as I take you on a virtual tour of which prints I'd include in my Rain Gallery.  If it's not currently raining where you are, might I suggest you click here for simulating the proper mood to browse such a collection?  Ok, got the sound effects—real or simulated?  Let's dance.  In the representational puddles.  

Rainy long walk, by holli

I'm a sucker for images of a moody/pensive/solemn girl and her creature.  Add in some raindrops?  Sold.

Out of the Rain, by blackoutwell

Foxes seeking and sharing protection under a stripey umbrella?  Get out!

Rainy Day, by Ashley Percival

More anthropomorphism?  Gorgeous sweaters and colorful eyewear that I want to wear?  I can't take it!

rain drops, by lulubeaucoup

Great color and composition.  I'd use the simple drop images to break up my obsession with whimsical animal scenes.  ;)

The Rain, by Aeropagita Prints

Love the color combination.  This print would be perfect on a painted door, framed by beveling.

Take Shelter, by Ashley G

Are you beginning to recognize the aesthetic I'm drawn to?  The funny thing is, I didn't even have to conduct a search for "rain".  All of these prints are from my favorite artists' shops I stalk follow on Etsy.  Apparently people with good taste are inspired by rain.  ;)

Let's Stay Home, by Ashley G

That's some pretty rain right there, don't you think?

One of Those Days, by Ashley G

Klimt-like, no?  Ashley G's illustrations are stunning.  I own two of her prints that are non-rain related, and I adore them.*
Monsieur I, by Cosas Mínimas

Blanca Gómez is another favorite.  Her colors slay me.  
Mademoiselle under the rain, by Cosas Mínimas

I'd pair this gal with this guy (↓).  Back to back.
Monsieur under the rain, by Cosas Mínimas

Seeing all these prints stacked here has me imagining various arrangements and cluster formations.  So fun to work around a theme.  If you were curating a collection of prints on a particular theme, which would you choose?

Thanks for touring my make-believe Rain Gallery, friends.  I hope you are able to enjoy the sounds and sights of spring rain from a cozy vantage point. 

p.s. Wouldn't cloud lanterns hanging above the Rain Gallery suit the theme delightfully?

image by alexis mire

*Said prints may or may not depict a moody/pensive/solemn girl and her creature.  :)