Friday, March 2, 2012

Starting with #4

My partner in whatever the opposite of crime is (aka Ben) and I finally completed one of the projects for the Magic Mission.  We gathered provisions:

(yes, bubble tea played an essential role in this particular project)

and got busy.  Ben was, of course, all about the pun.

(TAG! You're it!, Don't leave me hangin', bro!, etc.)

Rhyming anthropomorphism also served as a muse—Cats shooting craps!

I, too, tried my hand at the visual pun.  See the corner of Have a [soccer] ball peeking out down there?  I was kinda proud of that one. :)

But sometimes just-plain-cute trumped clever.

Bonus points for sparkle.  Always.

We tied our tiny-messages-to-the-world on chain link fences, tennis court nets, tree branches, door handles, and bridge railings.  Today was such a windy day, though, that it was difficult to get photos of our tiny messages "in the wild".  Let's just say this guy reads, "you're a shooting star," ok? 

We saved quite a few of the lot, so the adventure will continue!  Do you have plans to complete a Magic Mission this weekend, friends?  If you're looking for an easy/fun one to start with, I highly recommend #4.

Cheers + magic to you!

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