Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guest blogger

My Cleocatra can be quite opportunistic.  When I was writing tomorrow's blog post*, I left my laptop open for all of 49 seconds** to retrieve my clean laundry from the dryer.  The sight above is what welcomed me upon my return.  After I snapped this shot, Cleo looked up at me, and I swear, she raised her eyebrows, and with her eyes asked, "You haz a question?".  Oh, and here is the message she wished to impart to y'all.  Profound, no?  

Luckily, her paws didn't click Publish.  Unlike the time she managed to save Google Reader as a bookmark entitled ;/ for me.  So thoughtful, that Cleo. 

*Yes, I'm back!  Until I take my next impromptu blogging spring break, that is.

**I reenacted the whole event in order to accurately report to you how long it took Cleo to wreak her keyboarding havoc.  I am nothing if not dedicated to authentic communication.


  1. How are the plain Janes? Interesting?

    1. Read tomorrow's post to find out my thoughts on Plain Janes! That's the post Cleo almost hijacked. ;)