Wednesday, April 18, 2012

That's the spirit!

True fact: I love receiving texts from Alicia.  Alicia tends to text me when she notices awesome things—street musicians with fancy instruments and the like.  As though she's a magic scout, keenly attuned to detect wonderful things, compelled to alert me to the beauty that abounds.  A couple weeks ago, she spotted this charmingly embellished advertisement on a BART train, and gifted it to me.  Behold the Googly Eyed Gnome!      

I believe we should start a movement to make 53% of all texts, messages of this sort.  (The other 47% can be the practical kind, of course.)  Agreed?

Sweet.  The next time you're out and about, I challenge you to 
  1. recognize when you're witnessing something worthy of your admiration,
  2. take a moment to appreciate whatever you see,
  3. snap a photo, and 
  4. send that photo to someone you think will share in your joy.

It'll be like one big, never-ending scavenger hunt for awesome.  We can assign points for various sightings: 25 for spotting an origami dinosaur on a park bench, 50 for a yarnbombed bike rack, 996 for a unicorn noshing on an ice cream cone.  We'll call our game Magic Scout.   

p.s. My cousin Melissa also plays this game.  She found a purty pink-haired gal in San Francisco.  How many points should we award her?


  1. Fun! I want to play! Send me your digits & I'll be sure to text something awesome your way!

  2. 1. Love the 53% idea. 2. Hope to send you something awesome via text soon. 3. Er, what's under pink hair ladies chin?

    1. 1. Thanks.
      2. Yes!
      3. I really can't tell. What do you see?

  3. Replies
    1. For the record, I love love love all text messages from you, my dear Caitlin. Especially when they include the words "champ cans".