Thursday, July 25, 2013

This is gonna be made, right?

You can't just tease us with a trailer for a live action Daria flick, College Humor, and then not turn it into a full-length feature film! You can't. The laws of physics (or something) will not allow.

When I first caught wind of this (thanks to BUST), I believed we were going to get a live action, full-length Daria tale. Oh, how I wanted to hear her commentary on class reunions! Alas, when I read the first sentence of the second paragraph, I learned 'tis but a cruel joke perpetrated by College Humor. (Imagine the range of emotions I experienced in those consecutive moments. From this to this and/or this.)

So then, my next thought was to google, "Daria kickstarter" because Veronica Mars. I don't know who is, but we have very similar takes on this whole sitch (possibly due to the fact that I also fit into the "not quite Gen X, not quite a Millenial" generation-label-gap):

  • Why would younger sister Quinn be organizing Daria's reunion? Maybe that's her full-time gig? Organizing reunions for all who attended Lawndale High. Or, I've also heard of joint reunions, so maybe Quinn is organizing one gathering for all who graduated from 2002-2005? But there was that banner behind the valedictorian as she addressed her former classmates...
  • Jane--a mom? Really?
  • I was waaaaaaaaay more into Brian Krakow too. Until he became a rapist on Felicity.

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