Friday, December 16, 2011

Go forth + spread goodwill, my friends!

wait a second...this is NOT the Trader Joe's photo I meant to publish here...
Yet another person who continues to inspire me is Janet of This Confetti Life.  Her whole mission over there at TCL is to encourage celebration on the daily.  Brilliant, I say!  The world definitely needs more of that

And like a good champion of cheer, Janet has accepted GOOD's Creative Microphilanthropy Challenge.  She has pledged to donate $1 for each act of goodwill that we tell her we accomplished.  See what she did there?  Rather than just give $30 to a charity (which is totally noble in istelf—don't get me wrong!), she's giving $30 and 30 acts of kindness to the world!  It's like fancy math.  She's making the goodwill multiply!  Plus, we get to be her goodwill elves!  Where are my pointy, curly-toed shoes . . . 

When I read Janet's post a couple days ago, I knew I wanted to do something simple, quick, and inspired by the "spirit of the season".  I considered Color Me Katie's Tiny Messages, which are definitely simple + quick, so now I just needed something Christmassy.  (Adding "y" to a noun magically makes it an adjective. Try it!)  And what's more Christmassy than Christmas music?  If you answered, "Nothing. Nothing is more Christmassy than Christmas music, Sarah," you are correct.  So I burned a CD, wrote a little note to a stranger, and left both in a shopping cart at Trader Joe's*.     

photographic evidence of my Act of Goodwill

Don't you want to join me in spreading cheer as a member of Janet's Elfin' Crew?  Grab your pointy, curly-toed shoes and don't forget to tell her about your Act of Goodwill!  And tell me if you tell her, too (please + thank you!).

*Thank you, Janet, for turning my completely selfish Candy Cane Joe-Joe's run into a more meaningful endeavor.  ;]


  1. I am sure the unexpected gift made someone's day :) Nice work!

  2. What a simple gesture that will likely restore someone's faith in man/womankind! You go, Christmas Joy Spreader!

  3. Thank you, ladies!

    The GOOD challenge is on through December, so folks can still spread some cheer after the big holiday. Be sure to let Janet know if you've committed an act of goodwill!

    Ideas I'm considering for once Christmas no longer looms: bake cookies + deliver to local librarians, pay bridge toll for the car behind me, cut coupons + leave them on the shelf near the products they discount @ Target, the grocery store, etc. :]

  4. You rock! I'm still paying for Acts of Goodwill! Bring 'em! Also, I love, love, love your ideas (I might steal one or two).

  5. Janet,

    You can take care of the 3rd idea when you do all your Christmas gift shopping @ the grocery store. ;]


  6. ok, i have my idea now! tomorrow morning, my friend rachel and i are going to the nursing home and doing an art activity with the residents :)

  7. SO awesome, Amira! As a representative of the human people, I thank you. :D