Monday, December 19, 2011

Secular Christmas Goodness - a playlist

Since I gifted music to a complete stranger last week, I thought it only fair I should do the same for you.  I originally made this playlist in 2005 for my mom.*  But I listen to it every year because I think it's swell.  I hope it brings you warm fuzzies as you sip on hot chocolate and watch the yule log.  Or sip on wassail and wrap gifts.  Or sip on egg nog and dance! 

*Hence the Mariah Carey. Don't judge.  I stand behind my DJing skillz.
**Also of note: the original playlist included Rosemary Clooney's version of Rudolph, but didn't have it.  Still!  Burl Ives is pretty classic, no?  I always loved how Sam the Snowman glided through the snow + left that little trail.  :]


  1. Thanks for the "Secular Christmas Goodness," cousin. It's hard to find sometimes... :]

  2. 'welcome, Cousin! I hope the tunes help get you in the mood since Mother Nature's not helping with the whole White Christmas thing. ;]

  3. They definitely are! AND...btw, no one can hate on Mariah's Christmas album or the mid-ninety's Mariah. Just brilliant...

  4. Love it! Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is my favorite. "Let your hearts be light!"

  5. Amy - yes! Judy G. makes me cry. Every time.