Thursday, January 19, 2012

Touring in my own town: Art

Castro Valley is also home to the very charming Japanese Gardens, where all of the trees resemble Edward Scissorhands' handy work.  (See above.)  I always thought the gardens were technically in Hayward, because they are near the ambiguous zig-zaggy border between CV and Hayward.  But, according to Google Maps (THE authority on all things location), the gardens are in 94546.  Take that, Hayward!

Such a peaceful setting.  Birds chirping, water falling, and if you look very, very closely below, you may see the little turtle sunning himself in front of the mini-pagoda statue.

There are numerous rock "seating areas", perfect for one or two, secluded from the paths.  Ideal for quiet reflection, observing, or picnicking.

And there are Koi swimming about!  Huge koi.  I threw all those coins in the pond so you'd have points of reference.  ;]

And, a little color in the winter is always welcome!

Besides landscape art, Castro Valley houses the Adobe Art Gallery, which shamefully, I've never been to.  AND, I recently discovered some delightful street art in CV.  No, you did not misread that last statement.  I will show you soon.  Street art is one of my favorite things, though, and it deserves its own week's worth of posts.  At least.  Watch out—We hope for more could become a niche blog after all. We hope for more [art].  ;]