Friday, January 6, 2012

Town + City Survey: Los Angeles

technically, not in Los Angeles, but so close!

We'll head east into uncharted territory soon enough, but for now, let's keep the city search on the West Coast, shall we?  I've been to Los Angeles, California a few times, and although I'm not a huge fan, I am open to the possibility that awesomeness can be found there.  Personally, I'd prefer to keep driving another 30 (or so) minutes south into Orange County to visit The Happiest Place on Earth*, but perhaps that's simply because I don't know much about LA.  I've never been to any of the following, and I think these spots seem quite charming:

Oh dear, it seems I've never eaten a proper doughnut in Los Angeles!  In fact, I don't have any food-related memories of LA at all.  Help me, folks!   

Know of any yummy doughnut shops in the greater LA area?  Or any other cool spots besides the obviously touristy ones mentioned above?  There must be some treasures located in The City of Angels, right?   

*I am not kidding when I say, should I move to Los Angeles, I will purchase an annual passport.  And I will not hesitate to regularly stop by New Orleans Square for a beignet breakfast or drop by Main Street at nightfall for some Gibson Girl and the fireworks show.


  1. Lots of treasures in L.A., they just take hours to get to on the freeway in bumper-to-bumper to traffic. And no good public transportation. Eek!

    Some other greats: The Getty, the Getty Villa, Olvera Street, the Grove/Farmer's Market, Hollywood Blvd...

  2. yeah, I am aware of both the traffic + lack of efficient public transportation in L.A. Let's just say, this city is not atop my list of potentials. It was more an exercise of open-mindedness and seeking good things where they are not so conspicuous. ;]

  3. As someone who spent 20 years of her life in L.A., I say "no". A lot of smog and traffic and the people aren't too nice. But it has it's enclaves, like Santa Monica and I think Echo Park and Silverlake are up and coming areas for young people, but even these places are expensive and it seems like the Bohemian lifestyle there is just a trend. I don't know, those are my thoughts.

  4. Your thoughts echo my own, Amria (no pun intended!).