Monday, February 6, 2012

Do you ♥ art?

In honor of Valentine's Day, love, art and the love of art, SFMOMA is hosting a contest over on their Facebook page.  Read all the fine print here, but basically the task is to create a love letter to a work of art. 

My first thought was, "What a dandy of an idea!  I must do this."  But then my old nemesis fear* kicked in, because just look at the letters that've already been submitted!  There's a mix tape for Mondrian, a confessional note that looks like it was intercepted by WK's 7th grade science teacher for Warhol, and a sweet homage to Paul Klee.  "There's no way I can compete with all this awesome," my trying-so-hard-to-be-helpful-but-ultimately-and-ironically-unhelpful inner voice thought.  So, then I

  • summoned my courage,
  • asked myself if writing such a letter would make me happy, 
  • tried to imagine my answer if it weren't for a contest and there were no other intimidating letters looming over me, 
  • and decided that I should write a love letter to a work of art.  

Not so I can create something "better" than the other participants; not so I can win free tickets to SFMOMA.  Because writing a love letter to a piece of art is precisely the kind of project I get all geeky about.  Because I do love art and I love writing letters.  Because I love open-ended assignments that allow for unbridled creativity.  Oh yes, I will write this letter for me**.  :)

Do you also love art and letter writing?  Will you join me in this Valentine's Day "assignment"?  I'll be looking for your entries!  ;) 

*My thoughts on fear Part I and Part II     
**and most likely Henri Matisse

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