Thursday, February 2, 2012

I have too many favorite artists to share

King Kong and Mushrooms (detail)

But I gotta show you Megan Whitmarsh tonight because there is time sensitiveness to address!  There are still seventeen hand-embroidered prints of her piece Light Dance available for purchase over on Tiny Showcase*.  Hand-embroidered, people.  Here's a detail of artwork that could be hanging in your den/craft room/cubicle/whatever this time next week (handling + shipping permitting):

Light Dance (detail)

I just love her use of color, her compositions, and her sense of humor.  And that she incorporates embroidery into her art.  Check out some of my other favorite pieces by Ms. Whitmarsh:

Furry Costumes
Darth Vader
Future Rock

Remind me next week to show you some of my other favorite artists.  And speaking of reminders.  Here's an eleventh hour one for ya (okay, maybe it's a ninth + change hour reminder): 11:59 p.m. tonight is the deadline to enter my very first giveaway.  Up for grabs is a copy of Marcel the Shell's picture book.  Get thee to Monday's post to learn how to enter the drawing!  See you back here tomorrow, when Cleocatra and I announce the winner!  ;)     
*Tiny Showcase is a really cool website that offers affordable, limited-run prints by wonderful artists once a week.  The reason the prints are affordable?  They're tiny


  1. Oh mylanta, thank you for sharing. Doing some birthday-present shopping now. xoxo!

  2. 'welcome. Love to keep the love of art goin' 'round. ;)